Chris and Roberta present workshops around the country, ranging from 90 minutes to half-day presentations. Ideally the in-service would run 90-120 minutes, but can be provided in 60-75 min blocks if needed. The presentation covers the following:

  • MeMoves™’ origins and creation.
  • Multiple video case studies and perspectives from various professionals using MeMoves™ in their practice.
  • Description and examples of the varied applications and benefits MeMoves™ provides.
  • Overview of the neurological framework as it relates to MeMoves™’ physiological mechanisms within the nervous system. Specifically addressing MeMoves™’ relationship to the Polyvagal Theory and stress response.
  • MeMoves™’ primary components (music, the expressive features of emotion/ eye contact, movement/ gestures) and the research supporting their inclusion.
  • Review of current research supporting MeMoves™’ use.
  • Detailed protocols offering “best practices” for implementing MeMoves™ into classroom and therapeutic settings, as well as the 4-5 ways NOT to use MeMoves™.
  • A fluid and easy opportunity for attendees to ask questions and gain further clarification on presented topics.

All attendees receive handouts which provide greater detail, including citations. Please email Chris for more information:

2014 workshops held in:

  • St. Cloud MN
  • Janesville WI
  • St Paul MN
  • Bloomington MN
  • Altoona WI
  • Pasadena CA
  • Beloit WI
  • Winnipeg Manitoba
  • Greenville NC
  • Brooklyn NY
  • Minneapolis MN
  • New Bern NC
  • Bronx NY
  • Durham NC
  • Brandon Manitoba
  • Madison WI
  • Towson MD