Why MeMoves is Important

We live in a fast food world that is too loud, too much, too fast… Therapists tell us they’re seeing more children and families affected by the environment than ever before. Pediatricians tell us they’re seeing more and more children misdiagnosed with ADHD, when in reality their sensitive nervous systems are simply overwhelmed by constant stimulation and “anxiety” has become their new baseline. And although instant electronic access provides tremendous convenience and a pseudo connection to someplace else, we’re learning that everything comes at a cost.

In order to learn new things and navigate our way socially through the world we need to feel safe and we need to be able to connect with other people. The result is a nervous system that is calm and alert.

After more than fifteen years of research and observation, we developed a patented self-regulation system that is helping people of all ages and abilities integrate and navigate their world. MeMoves™’ compelling combination of music, patterns, and imitative movements is now used in more than 2500 school districts and even more homes, hospitals, and therapy centers around the world.

MeMoves™ delivers an engaging, multi sensory activity that makes anything that follows easier and more effective. During four years of use as a transitional tool and priming activity, MeMoves™ has demonstrated significant benefits and shown itself to be a very efficient tool for self-regulation, activating the parasympathetic nervous system quickly and effectively (in large part through the vagus nerve), creating a calm and attentive state while providing safety and affiliation for the user.

We believe the neurological foundation for MeMoves™’ results are based in Stephen Porges’ Polyvagal Theory which posits the necessity of “safe, appropriate social engagement” as the primary mechanism for neurological recovery and behavioral change. MeMoves™’ expressive features of emotion, music and gestures all perfectly align with the elements of the social engagement system identified by Porges.

The benefits have been significant, widespread, and consistent; increased speech and language, eye contact, imitative behavior, processing ability, motor skills and collaborative behavior, and decreased bullying. Users become more socially integrated and organized as they advance their skills in a variety of areas.

As we continue to see significant positive changes in social skills after extended use, we believe that MeMoves™ embodies the tenets of Stephen Porges’ work. By strengthening the connection between our hearts and brains through the vagus nerve, we increase our capacity for connection, friendship and compassion. After years of trying to create a tool for the nervous system, it’s a wonderful thing to discover that at its core, MeMoves™ is really a tool for the heart.