Tips for Using MeMoves

MeMoves provides safety and affiliation by allowing each child to become engaged with others through an activity that creates a calm and attentive state.

MeMoves is an activity done together with our bodies, not with our voices.

MeMoves can be done seated or standing with minimal classroom reconfiguration.

It’s not about doing it correctly, or getting better, or learning a new skill.

MeMoves works because everyone is encouraged to participate at the level that they are able.  It’s okay if a student stands motionless or sits, rocking back and forth in time to the music.   Let them find their own level of engagement, which may change over time. Remember – a child can only respond to the degree their physiology allows.

Use MeMoves at the beginning of the day, after lunch or recess or before quiet learning activities.

MeMoves works exceptionally well as a transition tool or priming activity.  For best results use MeMoves at the same time each day for the first two weeks.  This will prepare students (and their nervous systems) to anticipate and welcome the calming sequences found in MeMoves.

If using MeMoves with an entire class (or group), it important the entire group participate to the degree they are able.

The calming and focusing effects of MeMoves are greatly minimized for the class if some students are actively engaged in another activity while a rest of the class does MeMoves.

One way to use MeMoves wrong is to have the students follow (imitate) a human leader instead of those on the screen.

What sets MeMoves apart is the consistency, reliability and safety of the people on the screen.  They provide the same, loving smiles every day, and the variety of people found in a single sequence keep viewers engaged throughout each viewing.

You may see some changes right away.  Others may come after using MeMoves several times a day for 4 to 6 weeks.

After a month of use, observed changes include increased speech and language,  eye contact,  imitative behavior, collaborative behavior, and decreased negative behavior.

If a student is struggling with a specific movement or sequence, don’t immediately assume that they want (or need) help.

Provide assistance (hand over hand) only if they ask for help, or if in your opinion they would benefit from your assistance but only after they have already tried doing it alone.

MeMoves is not a competitive activity.

MeMoves is not a game where users compete against one another.  The emphasis has nothing to do with imitating the moves correctly, although many people will see marked improvement over time. Each child is unique and will respond to MeMoves in their own way.  MeMoves benefits children of all abilities, as it creates a calm and focused nervous system.