The Story of MeMoves

By 1997 I had spent five years trying to reach my daughter who was here, but not here. Often delightful, always unknowable, I believed if I could just find the right key it would unlock the bright and curious little girl I knew was trapped inside. None of the terms used to describe her (autism spectrum, sensory processing disorder, alpha child, pre-dyslexic, ADHD) came with any ‘operating instructions’ or provided us with any answers. I was told she would never change, but I would catch glimpses – as fleeting as a breath – of this sweet, funny, bright, little girl whose life held so much promise. So I persevered. I read everything I could about embodied cognition, the nervous system, mindfulness, learning and the brain. I pestered anyone around the country who might know something, took classes, studied, trying to learn anything that could make her life just a little bit easier. At first there was little to link the pieces together, but as I continued to explore the dynamic relationships between mind, body, music, emotion, movement and learning, bits of the puzzle started to fit together. I combined everything into a kind of mirror that Rowan and I reflected back and forth together for a few minutes, every morning and every night. This primitive version of MeMoves™ changed her life. One month later my daughter who couldn’t hold a single letter in her mind overnight was reading letters, words, sentences, chapter books; making eye contact; wanting to be touched and held. MeMoves™ is simple. It cuts across technology and taps into our primitive and intuitive need to feel safe and connected to other people. Most of all, MeMoves™ helps children of all ages to calm their minds as it removes the stressors that hinder development.