For Home Use

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Home Version

MeMoves includes 13 sequences averaging 3 minutes in length. Sequences are divided into 3 categories (Joy, Calm, and Focus.) Included with each MeMoves is a separate audio file containing all of the songs used in the MeMoves sequences and a user’s guide.

MeMoves is available as a digital download or a DVD. With each MeMoves digital download purchase, you are able to share MeMoves on three separate devices (laptop, tablet, phone for example). The digital MeMoves content is not “streamed”, but fully downloaded onto each device. Once downloaded, a WiFi connection is not required to access the sequences.

MeMoves Digital Download




MeMoves DVD



MeMoves DVD not available for school, institution of commercial use.


How It Works

To access the digital version of MeMoves, you are required to download a special program called a “Flux Player”. Once the “Flux Player” is installed, your MeMoves content is easily accessed. Simple to follow directions are provided upon purchase, and additional info can be found here.