MeMoves is the first patented system for self regulation. Mirroring those on the screen, users are transformed by the music, images, movement, and the expressive features of emotion. This easy to use, interactive program has been widely praised by therapists, educators, and parents.

“We use the ‘Me Moves’ DVDs as a component in an integrative approach to hospitalized patients and in our integrative medicine outpatient practice. I also recommend it for home use as a tool to help kids and teens quiet the mind and body.”

— Timothy Culbert, MD, FAAP
Developmental/Behavioral Pediatrician
Medical Director of Integrative Medicine
PrairieCare Medical Group

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An award-winning, patented system that takes us from “me” to “we,” MeMoves is an innovative program for all ages and abilities. One 2 minute sequence can calm even a child with autism in distress.

Stories & Testimonials

What People Are Saying About MeMoves

In a world that inundates children with media that is too loud, too fast, and too much,  you can’t ask for an antidote better than this.  Not to be missed. MeMoves is a treasure.

Claire S. Green

Executive Director, Parent's Choice Foundation

In the past year I have presented MeMoves all over the country at every talk I give. I use it every day with kids in my practice and have yet to see anyone who doesn’t love it and benefit. I have looked at dozens of programs for relaxation, breathing, imagery, etc. and MeMoves is still far and away the best one!

Tim Culbert MD

Medical Director – Pediatric Integrative Medicine, Ridgeview Medical Center

I’ve been involved with neuroscience as a base of activity for a very long time and I’m so impressed with the foundations that MeMoves brings. This is a very subtle way to come and change peoples’ brains and behavior, and they don’t even have to know it! I strongly recommend MeMoves, and I think as we go forward we’re going to compile a lot more of the neuroscience that relates to this work. It looks like such a simple activity, but it’s really not.

Patricia Wilbarger, MEd, OTR, FAOTA

Occupational Therapist and Clinical Psychologist, Developed the concept of “sensory diet,” designed the Wilbarger Deep Pressure and Proprioceptive Technique (DPPT) and the Oral Tactile Technique (OTT) for sensory defensiveness.

MeMoves has proven to be an essential therapeutic tool in our Vision Therapy Clinic. All of our patients with Autism engage in it. Research regarding Mirror Neurons gives me hope that MeMoves is tapping into this process, providing those with Autism an opportunity to more easily understand the intentions of others. I think that all clinics who work with those with Autism should use this wonderful tool.

Dr. Carl Hillier, OD FCOVD

Director, San Diego Center for Vision Care

The apparent simplicity of this program can be deceptive, but the results of frequent or even intermittent use are quite startling. Clinically we are noting changes in calm state, social interaction, expressive language, attention, behavioral organization and imitation, and group unity.

Eileen W. Richter, MPH, OTR/L, FAOTA

Founder/ Professional Development Programs, Richter Active Integration Resources, Co-Founder/ Avanti-Camp Icoghowan