MeMoves uses a patented system for self regulation and emotional intelligence to calm people of all ages and abilities. Imitating those on the screen, users are transformed by the music, images, expressive features of emotion, and movements. This easy to use, interactive program has been widely praised by therapists, educators and parents.

“..calming, transforming, unprecedented focus accomplishment, and magical…MeMoves is a treasure.”
Claire S.Green Executive Director – Parent’s Choice Foundation

MeMoves Testimonials

  • As an Occupational Therapist specializing in sensory processing, I have been thrilled at what the MeMoves DVD is doing in classrooms, home programs and direct therapy as it immediately calms and organizes children. Within minutes it calms even non-verbal autistic children in distress! Increased eye contact, decreased self stim, increased vocalizations, increased arm awareness, strength, and alert state are common and consistently seen. MeMoves has been an exciting addition to the therapy routines!

    Nancy Lawton-Shirley OT Hudson, Wisconsin
  • My class LOVES MeMoves! They ask for it if I forget. We've been using it when they first come in, and as they enter from recesses. Instead of running in, they come in quickly and get started. When it's done, I keep my tone quiet and ask them to have a seat on the mat so we can start our lesson. Transition time heaven! I've had several teachers stop by and even join in (it's hard not to). Our OT teachers come in and instead of pulling the kids right out, use that time as part of their OT with the children. I can't tell you how much I love your product!

    Karen Abbott First Grade Teacher Cape Elizabeth, Maine
  • We LOVE LOVE LOVE MeMoves!!!! I use it with students with autism and it is fantastic for calming and focusing my students before transitions or work times!

    Tara Livermore Tuchel- OT Hudson, Wisconsin
  • The transformation in the classrooms have been amazing. The students ask for MeMoves! The immediate peace that transforms the room is something that has to be seen and experienced. We are using it in pre-k through 3rd grade classroom of various levels (even some low incidence middle school classes).

    Brian Dowd Assistive Technologist Alton, Illinois
  • I teach first grade at an independent K-12 school (Collegiate School) in Richmond, VA. Our Music teacher was sharing it with my students and my students insisted that I try it also. I loved it!!! Engaging, focusing, calming yet challenging and fun!!! When I got home that evening, I ordered a personal copy. I'm looking forward to using in in my classroom in the Fall--maybe after recess or right after our daily Morning Meeting to begin the day. By the way, our Music teacher is going to share MeMoves at our last faculty meeting to be held next week! Thank you for this product!

    Mironda Watson Richmond, Virginia
  • My son only saw the video once--for just about 15 minutes--like I said, one of his therapists brought it along during a visit. We tried the Calm portion first--as soon as he heard the music, his attention was captured. After only a minute or so, he started doing the moves. There were about 6 adults in the room--we were completely silent. Every few seconds he would look at me, so I started to do the moves and everyone else followed. It sounds crazy, but I could see his body relax--his breathing slow. After a little while, he sat down on the floor, continued to do the moves and by the time it ended he was lying down! He'll see it tomorrow for the first time since then--can't wait to see his reaction!

    Mandy O’Brien Parent
  • Just to let you know I was the lucky recipient of the MeMoves DVD that you donated to the Autism Society of WI. What a wonderful tool. I have already used your product with several of my students. It has alleviated students from reaching higher levels of frustration. Quickly it has become an activity of choice. With better self-control, students learn more and lengthen their focus. I would not be without this awesome tool. While at the conference, a parent of one of my students purchased the program to use at home and is now enjoying its benefits. Thanks again for offering such a valuable and quality product.

    Denise Oman Special Ed Muskego, Wisconsin
  • I received a note from school today mentioning that our son (who has very limited verbal skills) looked at the teacher and spontaneously requested, "I want Me Moves". Since we are sending our copy to school during the week, and it may be forgotten at some point and/or not be at home or at school when he may need it, we would like to purchase one for his school. We thought it would be a nice holiday gift for the classroom. Thank you.

    Mary Hansen Parent
  • The children I work with who are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders have benefited from MeMoves in the therapeutic context. The kids are engaged and actively participating with the imitative movement of other people, which inherently is a challenge for them. The metronomic music incorporated into the video facilitates their ability to focus and attend. Following the video I have seen improved engagement with the child’s therapist. Also, improvements in imitative movements of the articulators for improved speech production were noted. Based on the research, it just makes sense to use MeMoves with kids with ASD. MeMoves is beneficial in many ways.

    Dr. Patricia Leigh Speech and Hearing Science Edinboro University
  • My children love MeMoves. They enjoy the music and the people. I find my girls are calm, attentive, and refreshed after MeMoves; not irritable or distracted as they are with traditional children's videos.

    Dr. Dana Dahl Mom and Family Physician Hudson, Wisconsin
  • In our kindergarten class, we all use it.. The children love it! Every time I put it on, they ask for specific moves and can't wait to try the more difficult patterns.

    Kindergarten Team Clayton, Missouri
  • I tried it with a client who has ADHD and Anxiety and he LOVED it. The child had been in therapy (with someone else in another city) for several years and has exhausted all the traditional relaxation techniques ….integrating this product into a standard therapy session is very easy. The first child I used it with was mesmerized. I am ready to buy more copies and am very happy with my decision to explore the product.

    Dr. Sandra Burns Child Psychologist Ontario, Canada
  • I am an elementary school counselor and I love, love, love your DVD. I got it and have used it with my own kids at home and at school with students. The individual students at school are very excited about it.
    They really like it!

    Monida Neve School Counselor Grand Junction, Colorado